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Cleaning Systems for Healthcare Common Areas

Cleaning Common Areas in HealthcareEffective Cleaning for a Healthy Facilty

Filmop's Engineered Cleaning Systems provide flexibility for efficiency in cleaning all areas of a healthcare facility.

Common areas contain all types of surfaces that require various cleaning approaches. Trust Filmop products for addressing all types of needs in cleaning the common areas:

  • Healthcare Workstations: Ergonomically designed, quiet performance with lockable components for safety and security

  • Equodose Mobile Charging System: Enables rapid saturation of microfiber mop heads and cloths on demand. No more wasted mop heads, no trips to a water source.

  • Flat Pocket Microfiber Mops: Pocket mops are touch-free; no foam that disintegrates or velcro to harbor bacteria.

  • Rapido Long-Looped Mop Heads: Long-loop design reach into and clean baseboards, corners, and evenly load dirt on the mop head for more effective cleaning.

  • Rapido Hand Trowel: Ideal for cleaning horizontal surfaces such as nurse station counters and reception area chairs and tables. It provides even loading of cleaning/disinfecting solution and maintains even contact with the surface. Easy changeable pad eliminates traditional fold-and-turn procedure that can be inefficient.

  • Lightweight Aluminum Handles, Lockable Holders: The combination of adjustable, telescopic, lightweight handles and lockable mop holders enable easy cleaning of floors, walls, and ceiling.

  • V-Sweeper: Expandable to a full 72-inches for cleaning large area floors.

  • Baggy Floor Collection Device: Ideal for no-touch pick-up of solid and liquid debris from floors.

Contact your Filmop representative for more details.

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