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Cleaning Systems for Operating Rooms

Cleaning Operating RoomsEfficient, No-Touch Cleaning of Body Fluids

Filmop provides the engineering cleaning systems for addressing the specific needs in cleaning operating rooms and assists in following the most recent AORN Standard and Recommended Practices:

  • Alpha Workstation: Safe and secure workstation has all lockable components, yet easy access to tools and cleaning chemicals.

  • Equodose Mobile Dosing System: Rapidly charges microfiber mop heads and cloths on-demand; accommodates two different cleaning/disinfecting chemical solutions for flexible charging needs.

  • Pocket Mop System: No touch mop heads enable user to effectively clean without touching the soiled mop head. Mop heads have no velcro or foam for long-lasting durability.

  • Rapido Long-Looped Mop Heads: Long-loop design reach into and clean baseboards, corners, and evenly load dirt on the mop head for more effective cleaning. Holds more dirt and debris than other inferior microfiber products.

  • Rapido Hand Trowel: Ideal for cleaning horizontal surfaces at the beginning of the day, in between procedures and during terminal cleaning. Provides even loading of cleaning/disinfecting solution and maintains even contact with the surface. Covers a fulll 12" area in one swipe compared to folded hand-held cloths of approx. 8". Easy-change pad eliminates traditional fold-and-turn procedure that can be inefficient.

  • Lightweight Aluminum Handles, Lockable Holders: The combination of adjustable, telescopic, lightweight handles and lockable mop holders enable easy cleaning of floors, walls, and ceiling during terminal cleaning.

  • Snake High Reach Flexible Wet Duster: Ideal for wet dusting high reach areas such as light booms and ceiling cords during terminal cleaning. Flexible features gives user the ability to shape the wet duster to item being cleaned. Easy change sleeves reduce cross-contamination.

  • Microfiber Cloth Wet Dusting System: Color-coded microfiber cloths that can also be charged in the Equodose Mobile Microfiber Charging system.

  • Baggy Floor Collection Device: Ideal for no-touch pick-up of solid and liquid debris from floors.
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