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Microfiber Mop Velcro® System

Cleaning Patient RoomsNo Touch System with Velcro® Attachment

Velcro design accommodates mop heads that attach easily with slight pressure of the mop head holder to the mop head. Filmop velcro mop heads do not contain foam which can harbor bacteria and contaminants. Available in three flat mop head options:

  • Micro-Activa: Color-coded tags; ideal for floor mopping with medium/low soil.
  • Micro-Fast: Color-coded tags; Outer loops are longer to provide full coverage for sweeping larger debris and gatherin dirt and dust
  • Rapido Long-Loop: Long-loop design provides maximum effectiveness, reaches into crevices and along baseboards. Available in color-coded microfiber.

rapdio velcro wallThe easy one-touch slide locking system on the frame keeps the mop holder steady to improve the cleaning of walls, ceiling, and floors. This assures the upmost adherence of the flat mop head to the surface.

Frame/ Mop Head Holder Features:
  • Frame made of recyclable polypropylene, light, and easy to clean
  • Easily replaceable ABS velcro strips are oversized to provide strong adherence of mop head to holder
  • Different frame sizes available: 12", 16" and 24"
  • Articulated joint enables 360-degree performance
  • Use with standard handles
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