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Microfiber Flat Mop | Spin-N-Drop System

Cleaning Patient RoomsCleans with Microfiber, Wrings like String

Filmop's Spin-N-Drop system is ideal for floor wet mopping, cleaning walls, ceilings, and other surfaces when it is desired to have the benefits of microfiber with the ability to rinse-and-wring. Spin-N-Drop can be used with the following flat mop heads:

  • Micro-Activa: Color-coded tags; ideal for floor mopping with medium/low soil.
  • Micro-Fast: Color-coded tags; Outer loops are longer to provide full coverage for sweeping larger debris and gatherin dirt and dust
  • Rapido Long-Loop: Long-loop design provides maximum effectiveness, reaches into crevices and along baseboards. Available in color-coded microfiber.
  • Scrub: Ideal for higher traffic floors, as well as dusting or disinfection. No latex.

Spin-n-Drop Microfiber Mop FilmopThe new locking system on the frame improves the cleaning of walls, ceiling, and floors assuring the utmost adherence of the flat mop head to the surface.

Frame Features:
  • Frame made of recyclable, shock-proof plastic and is easy to clean
  • Easily activated red button on top when pressed opens to 180-degrees with flat mop head still hanging, allowing for rinsing and wringing
  • Locking system can be switched on and off with feet.
  • Different frame sizes available: 16" and 20"
  • Use with standard handles

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