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RAPIDO® Microfiber Long-Looped Mop Head

Cleaning Patient Rooms

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Extraordinary Performance; Distinctive Manufacturing

Rapido delivers extraordinary performance with its distinctive microfiber manufacturing process and long-loop design:


  • True 80/20 total manufacturing blend
  • Available in pocket, velcro or Spin-n-Drop
  • No foam which can harbor bacteria or disintegrate
  • Reaches into edges, baseboard crevices, and corners
  • Even loading, not just on front edge
  • Holds dirt, debris until released by shaking
  • Color-coded for preventing cross-contamination
  • Washable up to 194 degrees

Rapido even loadingEven Loading Benefits:

Most microfiber mop heads collect dirt on the front leading edge of the mop head. Once the front edge is loaded with dirt, it decreases its performance. Rapido mop heads are designed to have even loading on the full mop head.

Additional Features:

Rapdio mop heads are designed for charging in the new Equodose Mobile Microfiber Charging System, Top Down Charging System, Dual Bucket systems and Total Mop. Rapido is also available in sizes to fit hand trowels.