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Specialty Cleaning Devices




Delta Multi-Collection

Delta Bag Holder
Delta Healthcare Linen Collection


buckets and lids


Dry-Up Disposable Absorbent Pad

dual Bucket Vega Charging Mop Bucket


Floor Squeegees & Scrapers

dual Bucket Vega Charging Mop Bucket


Specialty cleaning devices enhance total performance Cleaning Patient Rooms

Having the right tool for the right job saves time, labor and effort. Filmop provides a number of specialty products that will make specific jobs faster, easier and more efficient.

Included in our specialty products:

  • Baggy: No-touch, fast, hygenic clean-up of wet and dry debris.
  • Delta Bag Holder: Color-coded dome covers for waste collection.
  • Jobby: Featuring an Ergo Handle, can be use with either a broom or squeegee for floor debris collection
  • Floor Scraper: Safety covering for blades; replaceable blades
  • Floor Squeegee: Single rubber blade adheres to different types of floors; aluminum handle. Ideal for collection of solid and liquid waste.