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ALPHA Foldable-Bag Workstations

Filmop Foldable-bag Healthcare workstationUnique Space-Saver Engineering; Adapts to Changing Space Requirements

Designed for easy maneuverability, the Alpha Foldable-Bag Workstation converts from 55" in length to 39" for easy use and storage.

> Maneuvers easily in elevators, small hallways
> Allows movement in-and-out of narrow spaces
> Enables easier storage in small closets
> Reduces storage space requirements
> 360-degree swivel wheels provide steering ease and transport mobility

The Alpha Foldable-Bag Workstation provides many features for healthcare cleaning needs to decrease HAI potential and create positive patient perceptions that can impact HCAHPS:

Healthcare Alpha Foldable Bag OptionsSimple, Secure:

  • Polymer security locks for dome covers and pull-out cabinet drawers
  • Equodose Mobile Microfiber Charging System locks separately

Quiet, Clean Operation:

  • Patients not disturbed due to extra quiet operation
  • Hydraulic closing pistons = 100% noise free closing of covers/domes
  • Polymeric swivel wheels are 35% quieter than standard casters
  • Precisely engineered co-polymer components are 30% quieter than metal carts

Ergonomic Engineering:

  • Lightweight polymer construction = less effort to maneuver
  • Polymeric wheels provide total front-to-back and 90-degree side-to-side
  • Pull-out cabinet drawers reduce kneeling and bending
  • Can be repaired/ replaced easily without investing in entire new workstation

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Operating Room WorkstationsAlpha Workstations Operating Room

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