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ALPHA Workstations for General Cleaning

Cleaning Patient RoomsEngineered for General Purpose; Modular Customization

Alpha workstations for general cleaning can be configured to transport cleaning products, equipment, and waste collection. They are ideal for light duty cleaning activities such as floor dusting, surface cleaning and waste collection.

Made with recycled "plastic second life" polypropylene copolymer (PSV), these workstations are strong, compact, ergomonic and easy to assemble and clean.


  • Polymer security locks for dome covers, trash covers, and pull-out cabinet drawers
  • Polymeric wheels provide total front-to-back and 90-degree side-to-side movement
  • Pull-out, lockable, cabinet drawers reduce kneeling and bending
  • Can be repaired or modules replaced easily without investing in entire new workstation
  • Customizable with handle holders, hooks for dust pans or other tools, sprayer holders, baskets with dividers
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