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Cleaning Systems for Patient Rooms

8-point security Equodose Pocket mop Rapido Hand Trowel
Alpha Workstation
Safe and secure workstation is quiet and has all lockable components
Equodose Mobile Microfiber Charging System
Rapidly charges microfiber mop heads on-demand; Use clean mop head for each room; no more wasted mop heads.
Pocket Mop System
No-touch mop heads that have no velcro or foam for long-lasting durability.
Rapido Hand Trowel
Ideal for cleaning horizontal surfaces during occupied and discharge cleaning.

Baggy Collection System Spillo High Reach Duster snake dusting Microfiber cloths
Baggy Floor Collection System
Safe, no-touch collection and disposal of solid and liquid; blood and other body fluids. Bag is removable from collection device for convenient disposal.
Spillo Flex Spine Dusting System
Ideal for wet dusting high reach areas during discharge cleaning such as overhead bed lights and window soffet areas. Easy change sleeves reduce cross-contamination.
Snake Bend Spine
Dusting System

Shapeable holder wraps around curved or irregularly shaped surfaces
Microfiber Cloth Wet Dusting System
Color-coded microfiber cloths that can also be charged in the Equodose Mobile Microfiber Charging system

Filmop provides a system for daily and terminal cleaning of patient rooms.

The Filmop system makes it easy and economical to use a new mop head for cleaning each patient room, thus controlling cross contamination. Fast and easy charging of mop heads and cloths with the Equodose Mobile Microfiber Charging System facilitates effective cleaning to reduce the possibility of HAI.