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MONO-MICRO 16.5" Disposable 100% Microfiber Pads

Mono-Micro Disposable Microfiber Pads
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Disposable Microfiber Pad

Use Mono-Micro with any
Velcro Mop Holder

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100% MICROFIBER CLEANING SURFACE Every inch of cleaning surface is 100% microfiber, reinforced with triple seams.

1 - Cleaning Layer - 100% polypropylene microfiber, edge-to-edge

2 - Absorbent Layer - Material easily holds and releases up to four fluid ounces

3 - Attachment Layer - Surface cleaning attaches (no lint build-up) and easily releases on Velcro systems.

Use with any Velcro Mop Holder

Velcro holder advantages

Charging Mono-Micro Disposable Pads


EQUODOSE® Mobile, Online Charging

Dispenses cleaning solution for immediate charging of individual pads or mop heads.

Eliminates wasteful disposal of saturated, unused pads. Prevents disposal of unused cleaning solution

Charges individual pads, one-at-a-time, when you need them

Air-tight solution tank elminates chemcial exposure to oxygen and people; keeps solution fresh for best performance. Solution tank locks for added security.

LaMello Rubber Blade Duster


TOTAL MOP Quick Change Mop

Bucketless cleaning system dispenses cleaning solution as-you-go.

Simple, one-touch dispensing button controls amount of cleaning solution used. Use only the amount of cleaning solution needed.