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Microfiber Dusting Systems

Cleaning Patient Rooms

Engineered equipment for wet or dry dusting

Filmop engineers hand dusting tools that adapt to any type of dusting need, both wet and dry.

LaMello Rubber Blade Duster with Quik-Stik Disposable Dusting Sheet: Quik-Stik Disposable Dusting Sheets, made with glue-infusion technology, enables debris to stick to the sheet. Securely attach sheets to the LaMello Rubber Blade Duster with push-and-hold star keepers. LaMello replaces foam-based products with autoclavable, squeegee-type blades that are strategically spaced for extraordinary capture of dust, dirt and large debris, even on irregular surfaces.

Spillo Flex Spine Duster
: Frame locks into the angle of your choice to enable pressure to be exerted while dusting. Choice of various microfiber sleeves for light to heavy-duty dusting.

Snake Bend Spine Duster: Flexible microfiber frame with various sleeve options allows for completely customized wrapping around fixtures, furniture, irregular surfaces

Microfiber cloths: Color-coded microfiber cloths available in 12" x 12" or 16" x 16". Can be washed up to 200 times.

LaMello Rubber Blade Duster
with Quik-Stik Disposable Sheets

Spillo hand duster

Spillo Flex Spine Duster

Spillo hand duster

Snake Bend Spine Duster

Hand duster snake


Microfiber cloths