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ALPHA Workstations for Waste Collection

Workstations for Waste CollectionEngineered for Hygenic, Safe Waste Collection

Alpha workstations for waste collection can be configured to meet a facility's unique needs. Available with soft bagholders or hard plastic with cabinet doors. Customizable for small to large waste collection needs.

Made with recycled "plastic second life" co-polymer material (PSV), these workstations are strong, compact, ergomonic and easy to assemble and clean.


  • No-Touch pedal opens cover by foot
  • Fixed side walls and door can be customized with facility logo, promotional messaging or school colors/mascot.
  • Bagholders available in different sizes, from 10.5 gallons to 31 gallons
  • Polymeric wheels provide total front-to-back and 90-degree side-to-side movement
  • Can be repaired or modules replaced easily without investing in entire new workstation