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The Filmop Difference

Emphasis on Engineering Excellence and Innovation

Filmop PatentsFilmop keenly observes how cleaning professionals do their jobs, then take that information to the research and development lab to devise new features on Filmop cleaning systems. The company holds numerous international and US patents and have created some of the most innovative features that elevate the cleaning and maintenance industry.

A few examples of FILMOP patents:

Mop Holder System Patent
Mop Holder System: Clip holds pocket mop in place; allows for no-touch usage and changing

Roller Wringer System
Roller Wringer System: Easy-touch wringing mop with roller technology

Locking Connector for Handles
Locking Connector for Handles: Enables easy wall / ceiling cleaning with this mechanism that quickly locks (and unlocks) the mop holder in place when stability is desired

Microfiber Mop Cleaning Process
Microfiber Mop Cleaning Process: The process to pre-charge microfiber mop heads with an inverting bucket system