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DRY-UP Super-Absorbent Disposable Pad

dry-up absorbent pad demo

DRY-UP Liquid Absorbing Pad with Safe, "Clean-Captureā„¢" Technology

Clean-up of spilled liquids is revolutionized with Filmop's new "DRY-UP" super-absorbing disposable pad.

Made with safe, "Clean-Captureā„¢" technology, the multi-layered pad absorbs liquid in seconds and bonds it into the pad by converting it into a gelled substance. The top layer is waterproof and shields the user from touching the substance.

The triple-layer construction replaces traditional absorbent procedures which require chemicals, wait time, broom/brush, and dust pan or bagging:

Top Layer: WATERPROOF LAYER. A polyethylene top sheet prevents the substance from leaking through and shields the user from touching the absorbed substance.

Middle Layer: ABSORPTION LAYER. Super absorbing polymer particles quickly convert liquid into gel and bonds the gelled substance into the pad.

Bottom Layer: NON-WOVEN LAYER. Spilled liquid is quickly picked-up through layer and transferred into the middle layer.

Stay safe and clean-up spills quickly with these additional advantages:

  • Absorbs and convers into gel up to 1 quart (4 cups) of liquid
  • Super Speedy: absorbs in 30 - 150 seconds (depending on composition of liquid)
  • No drip, no leak