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Uni-Tab Pro Spin-Free, No-Touch Universal Flat-Mop

Uni-Tab Pro image
AN INDUSTRY FIRST! Universal Use Microfiber Mop

Touch-Free Release: Never touch another soiled mop head! Simply pinch the edges to release.
Touch-Free Attach: Mop head is engaged by slipping the holder onto the mop head, thus engaging the unique tab into holder slot. It automatically clicks into place and is secured until release.
Wring or Charge for Use: Can be used by wringing (roller or side press) or charging (multi-mop Top-Down Charging Bucket or individually on-demand with Equodose Mobile Microfiber Charging System).

image-no touch attach release

No Spin, No Hassle Flat-to-Floor

Unique Spring-Action Holder: End the hassle of getting a wringable microfiber mop to lay flat on the floor. Just place it on the floor! The unique interior spring mechanism does the rest.

Use with a Wringing or Charging System

Punto Roller Wringer Side-Press wringer Equodose Mobile Microfiber Charging top-down charging bucket