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Top Down™ Microfiber Charging System

Top Down Microfiber Charging Buckets

No Touch, No wringer, Even Saturation of Mop Heads

The Top Down™ Charging System makes it fast and easy to charge microfiber mop heads, microfiber trowel pads or microfiber cloths at one time in just 30 minutes.

The charging system uses minimal chemical solution ... just 1.5 gallons of ready-to-use solution for 30 16" mop heads.

The hands-free system means no touch, no wringing with fast attachment and removal from mop frames.

Simply load the charging bucket with mop heads, add cleaning solution, snap on the lid and turn it over to evenly saturate mop heads. The system can also be used for charging microfiber cloths.

The Top-Down Charging System is also used for smaller 12" mop heads appropriate for using with hand trowels for cleaning counter-tops, table-tops, and other smaller horizontal surfaces. The Top-Down system for the smaller mop heads uses just 1/2 gallon of cleaning solution to charge up to 15 mop heads.

Pocket Mop Heads can also be charged in the Top-Down Charging System. Because they are 30% larger than other mop heads, they do not require the additional frame insert.