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Equodose Mobile Microfiber Charging System


Equodose Revolutionizes Microfiber Charging

Equodose is the first mechanical, on-demand, dispensing system for charging individual microfiber mop heads on FILMOP Healthcare workstations. Rapidly readies mop heads for use as needed.

Elevates Cleaning Performance:

  • Provides systematic charging process
  • Addresses quat-binding concerns
  • Microfiber charged rapidly ready for use
  • Eliminates excess mop head charging
  • Accommodates two separate cleaning solution tanks

Engineered for Savings:

  • Saves water, chemical, mop usage
  • Ability to track solution-to-mop head usages
  • Durable, long-life construction

Intuitive Operation:

  • Easy-to-operate hand lever
  • Consistently dispenses desired amount of cleaning solution

Secure & Safe:

  • Key locks both tank and dosing dial
  • All components removable for cleaning/disinfection