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Punto 3-in-1 Adjustable Roller Wringer

Punto wringing Exertion Diagram

Filmop's Roll 'n Wring Mopping System:
the Industry's Only Adjustable Roller Wringer Dual Bucket Charging Systems

Filmop's PUNTO 3-IN-1 ROLLER WRINGER provides your choice of three different wringing levels for consistent mop saturation with less effort. Choose your wringing pressure and adjust it "on-the-go."

Take the effort out of mop wringing and get consistent saturation with these advantages:

  • 78% less push force needed compared to traditional wringers
  • Wringing energy comes from roller, not from user
  • Consistent saturation levels based on wringer setting
  • Separation of cleaning solution from rinse water
  • Patented roller wringer accommodates different types of mop heads
  • Open bottom wringers: easy mop rinsing with Spin-n-Drop
  • Long looped microfiber mop technology provides extraordinary performance
PUnto twice punto alpha on-board punto fred
Punto with Twice Split Bucket
Punto with Alpha On-Board
Double Bucket
Punto with Fred
Double Bucket
Use with: Spin-n-Drop Tab Mop
Spin-N-Drop mop