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Microfiber Holder and Handle Systems

Cleaning Patient RoomsLightweight, telescopic handles hold exquistely engineered mop head holders

Filmop engineers hand dusting tools that adapt to any type of dusting need, both wet and dry.

Telescopic Handles: Lightweight aluminum quickly and easily adjusts to end-user height for maximum comfort.

Pocket Mop Holders: Securely hold pocket mop heads with foot-operated frame opening. Articulating joint allows a 360-degree rotation with a locking system for cleaning walls, ceilings.

Velcro Mop Holders: Light recycled plastic holder has articulated joint to allow a full 360-degree rotation. Easy replaceable ABS velcro strips provide superior adherence.

Spin-n-Drop Holders: Collapsable plastic frame designed for wet mopping using any flat mop head with side flaps. Simple one-button release. Universal screw for using any type of handle; articulated for a 360-degree rotation.

Telescopic Handles

Spillo hand duster


Pocket Mop Holders

Hand duster snake


Velcro Mop Holders

Hand duster



Microfiber cloths