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Brilliant Hand Trowel Microfiber Surface Cleaning System

Brilliante Window Mirror Cleaning

Streak-free cleaning with no squeegee in just one swipe

The Brilliant Hand Trowel Cleaning System quickly, effectively, and ergonomically cleans both horizontal and vertical surfaces. It is ideal for glass, stainless steel, laminate, and other similar hard surfaces.

The mop heads are manufactured specifically for streak-free results. They attach to the hand trowel with velcro-type strips for a secure, yet easily removable pad for hand cleaning. Charging can be done in the Equodose Mobile Microfiber Charging System or in the Top-Down Charging Buckets.

Attach a lightweight, telescopic handle for easy cleaning of vertical surfaces.

Microfiber Wall CleaningFeatures:
  • Designed for use with all multi-purpose cleaners
  • Removes fingerprints, smears, spills, dust and dirt from glass, stainless steel and other hard surfaces
  • Cleans quickly, without squeegees, leaving surfaces dry and streak-free
  • Trowel allows cleaning with a supported handle to reduce wrist strain
  • High areas cleaned with adjustable handle and lockable swivel frame


Available in both 12" and 16" systems.