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Filmop USA is the American division of 40-year old Filmop International, a global leader in the design and manufacturing of high quality manual cleaning equipment. The company is a trusted name in over 80 countries with its offerings of microfiber products, ergonomically designed cleaning systems and modular EVS/Housekeeping workstations recognized for longevity, economy and durability.

Our healthcare line meets the specific needs of hospitals and medical centers.
Our janitorial and maintenance supply equipment solutions are designed for today’s cleaning professional.

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Healthcare/Acute Product Brochure

Skilled Care Product Brochure

Facility Product Brochure

Contractors' Product Brochure

Microfiber Product Brochure

Hospitality Product Guide

Baggy/Jobby Floor Collection

Best Way to Charge a Disposable Mop

Delta Linen Collection Hamper

EVS Carts: Easy Daily Disinfection

EVS Carts: Cost Savings

High Dusting: Snake Bend Spine Duster + Disposable Dusting Sleeve

Introduction to FILMOP USA for Healthcare

Isolation Room Cleaning System

Mono-Micro PE100 18.5" Disposable Microfiber Mop

Mono-Wipe TNT50 Disposable Dry Wipes

MRI Cleaning System

Operating Room System

Polaris Step-On Trash Bin

PPE Storage & Cart Accessories


Alpha Compact Cleaning Cart + OneFred Double Bucket Mopping System

Brilliant Streak-Free Surface Cleaning

Delta Trash Collection

ErgoSwing Ergonomic Flat-Mop Mopping System

High Dusting: Snake Bend Spine Duster + Disposable Dusting Sleeve

OneFred Double Bucket Cleaning Cart Starter Kit

Quik-Stik Daily Disposable Dust Wipes

Spillo Flex Spine for Disposable Dusting

Total Mop Sprinter In-Handle Tank

UNI-Move UNI-versal Handle Holder

V-Sweeper Large Area Floor Dusting System


Alpha Cleaning Cart + OneFred Double Bucket Mopping System Alpha Cleaning Cart + Equodose Mobile Microfiber Charging System Alpha Cleaning Cart - Daily Disinfection

Baggy Floor Collection Best Way to Charge Disposable Mops Delta 32-Gallon Linen Collection Hamper

Dry-Up Super Absorbing Pad Equodose® Mobile Microfiber Charging System ErgoSwing Ergonomic Flat-Mop Mopping Demonstration

Mono-Micro PE100 Disposable Microfiber Mops Mono-Wipe TNT50 Dry Disposable Wipes & Quat Test Demonstration PPE Storage Bin & Alpha Cleaning Workstation Cart Accessories

Polaris 24-Gallon Step-On Trash Bin UNI-Move Uni-versal Handle Holder V-Sweeper Floor Dusting System